What kind of ceramic you choose for the bathroom

What kind of ceramic you choose for the bathroom

Selection of type, texture, and color of ceramics to be very decisive look your bathroom likes what. Especially when you are building a house so if you want to renovate the house especially for the bathroom. The condition is largely determined by the area of ​​the bathroom and also the funds you provide for it

Ceramic is a common choice to cover the floor and bathroom walls in Indonesia. Ceramics that have proven tough to face water and moisture are not a bad choice.

First, the choice of ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles are appropriate. The reason is simple. Tiles of this type is available in various sizes and shapes. Some types of tiles made of natural stone, such as marble and limestone suitable for use as wall coverings in the bathroom shower. Only, you need to ensure that the stones have been given a layer that makes it not seep.

Second, make sure the tile material is not slippery. This is closely related to the safety of the bathroom use. In wet conditions, very glossy ceramics are usually slippery. Better look for a less shiny ceramic.

Then, although the stone tiles can be used as bathroom floor coverings, but some rock types are not strong if they should be used in steam showers. Avoid using dark limestone in the wet area of ​​the bathroom.

In terms of choosing hue and color, white is most neutral and most recommended. Vitrified tiles also still have many enthusiasts because they are available in many colors and sizes. Vitrified tiles can also provide "depth" and luster in the bathroom.

It should be emphasized that any style can be applied. For example, you like wooden patterns, but it is impossible to use wood in the bathroom. Just use ceramic with wooden pattern. Bernard revealed, the technology has revolutionized the porcelain tile dweller. You can get any representation of any style, from stone to wood.

Then, consider using a mosaic tile for a sloped shower area in the bathroom. Mosaic tiles are easier to use on uneven terrain in the bathroom.

Do not be afraid to try. Usually, homeowners with small bathrooms are afraid of using large ceramics. In fact, using a large ceramic in a small bathroom visually "expand" the space. In a small room, you should cover the walls completely with tiles. The style that is prevalent in Europe provides an elegant look.

Blend of bright colors can actually make your bathroom look different.

Examples of existing bathrooms can be ands browsing on the internet and inspiring. The size is classified as mini, which is 1.2 m x 2 m. Size does not become an obstacle in creating in this bathroom. Attractive appearance can still be obtained. Mix of matching bright colors obtained from a combination of ceramic and paint use.

Applying the colors in the bathroom can give a modern and dynamic impression. The combination of blue, red, orange, and white in this bathroom still looks beautiful even though every color collides.

The look is also more beautiful with white shelves and the laying of a mirror on one wall. Mirrors that cover half the size of this wall also serves to make the bathroom look more spacious.

You can express yourself to give your bathroom a look. However the bathroom should be a fun place because this area where your activities and family every day.

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