Bathroom with ceramic tile on the ceiling

Ceramic tile bathroom ceiling
Ceramic tile bathroom ceiling

Ceramic tile bathroom ceiling makes it look luxurious by making the right air circulation and sunlight can also enter and select the appropriate tile style.
Ceramic roof tile is also commonly used for the roof because the shower that usually blends with the house. Moreover, the bathroom is also adjacent to the bedroom or bathroom specifically for homeowners.

Ceramics are currently also installed on the skylight in the room as in the bathroom. So the entire room is installed with ceramics starting from the floor, walls and ceiling of the bathroom.
In the ceiling is usually the material used is asbestos. But the use of ceramics on the sky will makes the bathroom unique.

Moving the ceramic from floor to ceiling of the bathroom is important to make a traditional or modern space becomes luxurious. To make that impression, you also do not put ceramics in the entire bathroom room. However, you simply put it on one or two walls from top to bottom of the bathroom. In addition, use also ceramic with the same style between the floor and walls.
Thus, your bathroom comes with an elegant atmosphere and looks solid.

 In general, there are several requirements that must be met so that your bathroom remains healthy, dry, and not moist, namely:
Getting direct sunlight. Adequate sunlight will make the bathroom dries faster naturally so that mold, mildew, germs, and bacteria cannot reproduce. For that, the best bathroom location is on the edge, so it can have direct access to natural light. You can enter the sunlight by using glass, or glass block. If for some reason you are forced to put the bathroom in the middle area, you can enter the sunlight using a window on a wall made of thick glass. Of course, the glass window should use ice glass also to continue the light into the bathroom. If using the light from the roof is not possible because the sky is closed from the ceramic sky unless you make it special for chili from the eyes of the day

The existence of air circulation. The existence of direct ventilation will reduce the humidity of your bathroom. Fresh air circulation can be obtained by using proven or luster. As with access to side sunlight, access to direct ventilation is an absolute requirement of a healthy bathroom. If not possible, use an exhaust fan that is connected automatically with the light switch. Discharges from the exhaust fan can be directed to the wall and dispose of air in the bathroom.

Place the vegetation. This can be done to add freshness in the bathroom area. You can choose plants that are not only beautiful shape of the leaves, but also can absorb pollutants in the area around.

Besides the above, there are several other technical aspects that must be considered in bathroom planning if using a ceramic sky ceiling

The right slope of the floor. To speed up the dryness of the floor, the bathroom floor should have a sufficient slope towards the drain.
If the slope is less then the floor will be longer dry, if the excessive slope of the floor will also reduce the user comfort. Simply give 2-3 cm difference between the floor level from one side to the other. Use a mixture of sand and cement as a slope forming when installing ceramic floor. To avoid leakage, pay attention to the quality of sand and cement material during the manufacture of pairs for the manufacture of water tanks, the installation of ceramic walls, and installation of floor tiles on the bathroom located on the floor in.

Thus the bathroom with the ceramic ceiling remains beautiful and most importantly is clean and healthy