The color of the ceramic bathroom is related to personality

The color of the ceramic bathroom is related to personality

Bathrooms become one room in the house to watch the design. Starting from the selection of toilet, shower, to ceramic bathroom should be taken into account so that your bathroom looks neat. For that special ceramic bathroom, you can choose and make motifs, sizes, until the color of the bathroom tiles that match your taste.

The color of the bathroom tiles itself has a major impact on the feel of the bathroom. Therefore, not infrequently the color of ceramic bathroom adapted to the personality of the inhabitants of the house. Designing the bathroom with the color of ceramics according to personality can also increase the comfort level of the occupants.
What color is the bathroom tiles that match your personality?

The simplicity of white bathroom ceramics for you perfectionist

If you are a person who always demands perfection and tends to set high standards on everything, then the color of the bathroom tiles that suit you is white. Ceramic bathroom color is also suitable for you who like simplicity.

The white color itself is synonymous with cleanliness, purity, innocence, sterility and clinical matters. By choosing white as the color of the bathroom tiles, you will create a clean and simple atmosphere. Of course the color of the bathroom ceramic this one also save the consequences for you to always be diligent and clean, because a little dirty will certainly be easily seen clearly.

Red for the bathroom to be the center of attention

You include people who have a high level of confidence and tend to always be the center of attention? Or are you a brave who is always optimistic and likes challenges? Then the right choice is red to your bathroom ceramic color.

Red is a symbol of energy, passion, ambition, love, and aggression. The color of the red bathroom ceramic will brings a vibrant and lively feel to your bathroom. However, to support an atmosphere likes that, you also have to pay attention to some combination of ceramic bathroom so as not to look boring.

For example, by combining a lighter red as the color of the ceramic bathroom part of the wall and red are more shady or choose a dark color as the color of the ceramic bathroom floor.

Ceramics bathroom are black

For those of you who have a personality want to always be appreciated, impressed dignity, and have considerable prestige, black color is very fitting to choose as the color of your bathroom tiles.

The black color is closely related to something formal and elegant, as well as can also be identified with a secret, hidden, and mysterious. With black bathroom tiles, you will get a feel of a beautiful bathroom, impressed flamboyant, and imitate the valor.

Despite choosing black as the color of bathroom tiles, you should avoid the impression of gloomy and too dark. There are several ways to work around this. Among them through the installation of bright white bathroom lights, and fill the gap among the ceramic bathroom or grout with white cement. In addition, the interior design of the bathroom is also important. Thus, the color of your bathroom ceramic black will actually look more elegant.

The green color in the bathroom symbolizes the always honest

If you feel you are a person who is very frank alias honest and always prefer peace, and tend to stand not out when interacting in the community, then the green color is best suited to the color of your bathroom ceramic. Green color is also fitting for you who like to enjoy the hobby of the outdoors or you who have a high sense of concern for others.

By choosing green as the color of ceramic bathroom, you will increasingly feel the calm and comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom. In addition, the bathroom with a green tile color is perfect to be a place to refresh the body or unwind while cleaning yourself in the morning and evening. The green color itself is a symbol of harmony, balance, and identical with health.

The bathroom ceramics are yellow for the adventurous

Bright and bright is the impression you get when you choose yellow as the color of ceramic bathroom. Although it looks too anti-mainstream, there is nothing wrong to design a bathroom in your house with yellow ceramic colors both on the wall and floor.

Especially for those of you who feel adventurous in new things, like to actualize themselves, cheerful, and warm personality, yellow fitting fit to be dropped as a choice of your bathroom ceramic color.

People who always love new adventures of course as much as possible avoid the boring thing. Therefore, you can use various other variations in the installation of ceramic bathroom to create a dynamic impression. For example by distinguishing the size of ceramics to be installed on the wall with on the bathroom floor.

You can also install ceramics on the floor with a cross pattern following the diagonal of the bathroom, while on the wall still fixed parallel, or vice versa. Thus the choice of your bathroom ceramic color that has been impressed bright will increasingly look attractive. Do not forget, the selection of a bathtub or shower model should also be appropriate.

Color ceramic chocolate for patience people

Chocolate is not a bad idea to be the color of your bathroom tiles. The bathroom with a brown ceramic color will bring a sweet and comfortable feel. Chocolate is very suitable as the color of ceramic bathroom person who is patient personality, firm against the establishment, idealistic, and responsible.

You can use a brown ceramic with a matte surface on the floor of the bathroom then combine it with a brown ceramic with a glossy surface on the wall of your bathroom. Besides the ceramic color of the bathroom, you can also make chocolate as the color of the door frame of the bathroom, whether made of wood or PVC. In order not to be too monotonous, use a different type of brown in each of these components.

The mysterious and creative purple bathroom ceramics

Is purple included in your shadow for a choice of bathroom ceramic colors? The purple color in some societal traditions are considered a symbol of nobility and spiritualism. A little mysterious impression is also kept by the color purple.

Purple is therefore suitable for the ceramic bathroom color of the lover of the spiritual world or the secretive mystery. However, the color purple is also very fitting selected as the color of the bathroom tiles by you who are witty characters, full of unique creative ideas and generous.

With the presence of purple as the color of ceramic bathroom, then the unique impression will be captured by anyone who saw the bathroom in your house. Still a few people who dare to adjust really the color of the bathroom tiles based on his character, let alone choose a purple color that is so different from the choice of bathroom ceramic colors in general.

Quiet and cool bathrooms of blue ceramics

The blue color gives the impression of soft, soothing, and reflects stability. Blue is suitable to be chosen as the color of ceramic bathroom for you who have the patient personality, have the good self-control, tend to be conservative to various things, and loyal alias loyal.

You should combine different types of blue color in your bathroom so as not to give the impression of too innocent or empty. For example, you can choose dark blue with certain motifs for bathroom floor tiles, while for the walls you can use the younger blue color with a plain floor ceramic motif.

Through the selection of blue as the color of ceramic bathroom, you will get the impression of calm and cool also refreshing whenever the move in it.

Well, did you accidentally choose a bathroom ceramic color that is most suitable for your character? If not, it would not hurt you to make the bathroom in your house becomes more elegant

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