Choose tiles for the bathroom

Choose tiles for the bathroom

Choosing tiles for bathrooms is tailored to the need as for the elderly. Selection of tiles and any supporting equipment is required for it.
Ceramic is the most commonly used option for closing floor and bathroom walls. Ceramics have been proven tough to face water and moisture.

First, choose the right ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles. The reason is simple, these types of tiles are available in various sizes and shapes.

Some types of tiles made of natural stone, such as marble and limestone suitable for use as wall coverings in the bathroom shower.

Only, you need to make sure that the stones have been given a layer that makes it anti-seep.

Second, make sure the tile material is not slippery. This is closely related to the safety of the bathroom use.
In wet conditions, very glossy ceramics are usually slippery. You are advised to look for ceramics that are not too shiny.

Then, remind you that although the stone tiles can be used as bathroom floor coverings, but some rock types are not strong if they should be used in steam showers.

You should avoid using dark limestone in the wet area of ​​the bathroom.
In terms of choosing hue and color, white is most neutral and most recommended.

Besides natural stone materials, glass tiles also still have many enthusiasts because available in many colors and sizes. Glass tiles can also provide depth and luster in the bathroom.

It is emphasized that any style can be applied in the bathroom. For example, you like wooden patterns, but it is impossible to use wood in the bathroom then you can use ceramic with wooden patterns.

It can happen because  technology has revolutionized the world of porcelain tiles. You can get any representation of any style, from stone to wood.

You can also consider the use of mosaic tiles for the sloping shower area in the bathroom. Under common conditions, mosaic tiles are easier to use on uneven terrain in the bathroom.

You also do not be afraid to try. Usually, homeowners with small bathrooms are afraid of using large ceramics.

In fact, the use of large ceramics in small bathrooms visually able to "expand" space.
In a small room, you should cover the walls completely with tiles. The style that is prevalent in Europe provides an elegant look.

You need to realize that the bathroom is often a space that is quite feared by the elderly. How not, there are many cases of elderly people falling in the bathroom to suffer severe injuries, from broken bones to shifted joints. To create a safe bathroom for the elderly, there are several factors that need attention.

According to the physiotherapists coordination of brain arteries in elderly people tend to decrease. It effects their reflex ability to avoid falling, so they do not have time to hold on.

For that, should the bathroom is equipped with iron grip in the areas around the bowl and shower toilet if indeed parents are in your house. The function is for parents to hold on when walking in the bathroom, or wake up after using the toilet.

On the floor of the bathroom, also use textured ceramics to avoid slippery conditions that harm the elderly people. Apply also anti-skid made of rubber to hold their footrests. Do not make a floor level difference in the bathroom. This is so that elderly people easily walk in the bathroom, especially when elderly people use the walker.

Use of the shower will furthers ease the activity of bathing. Another thing is also recommended to provide a seat so elderly can takes a bath with a sitting position.

Elderly people should no longer use squat toilets, because their ability to lift the body from a squatting position has decreased, especially when already experiencing calcification of the knee bone.

Therefore choose a toilet seat, with a bowl toilet shape that is not too low for elderly parents have no trouble raising his body when waking up. The height of the comfortable bowl toilet bowl is 45 cm from the floor. If the standard toilet bowl product is 38 cm-40 cm, add a thick layer of the cradle above the toilet bowl.

Also make sure the bathroom has enough ventilation holes. This is to optimize the air change in the bathroom, and keep it hygienic. Window or large openings can also optimize the entry of sunlight, so the bathroom remains dry.

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