Discoloration of ceramics in the bathroom

There is a color change in the bathroom is often the case when the bathroom newly built or newly renovated with a new floor. Problems arise such as floors that never dried. 
The question that arises is whether this problem with nat? Or is there another problem that is greater or less precise way of tiling? 
For new homeowners moving into new homes or newly renovated bathroom then it is very unpleasant especially if something happens to the bathroom will creates discomfort for the bathroom into a place with high traffic of homeowners. 
There are several possibilities that might occurs include the installation of ceramic tiles uneven means no hollows in the middle so that the stagnant water that makes the water does not flow entirely and leave some so it is difficult to dry. Any small gravel can be a problem. For the bathroom there should be a slope leading to the tile drainage thus preventing stagnant water. The existence of puddles will also affect the color of the ceramic itself. 

Another problem that may occur is a filter for filtering the water that clogged so the water is not entirely down to the drain pipe. Changing the color tiles to prove the lack of slope causing such problems. 
If problems like this chances are you have to disassemble the ceramic back and had to change the slope so that water is really entirely down so it will not affect the color of ceramic tile and comfort on the floor itself when you enter the bathroom. 
Discoloration on the bathroom floor one cause is moisture. 
Many homeowners even do grouting many times as a result many removing grout. Elimination grout can also cause discoloration. Not to mention if you use chemicals to clean the tile floor in the bathroom because of the moss, mildew and dirt. If not follow the instructions on the use of these chemicals will cause damage to the ceramic floor. 
Impurities such as mud also greatly affect the color of the bathroom floor. Mud that is sometimes difficult to clean so that affects the color of the bathroom floor 
There is also a good idea to contact manufacturer of grout. They are also likely to recommend the stain grout and how best to clean it. 

You can also perform other means as follow. Try using a different nat especially if there are changes to the color, if yes then it is likely also affect the color of the grout. You must follow all use of the grout. 
You may also find nat speckled common thing to happen. Hydration of the grout depends on joint depth. Securities porous grout is also greatly affected. Materials used as acid does not always eliminate the fungus and it will cause discoloration in the ceramic. 
Make sure THAT the products are installed in accordance with instructions given, including how to install and pre-tilt required. Events that may be encountered when the parts are wrong in the installation. 
If so, then the installation must be done again. Maybe some parts that have to be cut so that water can flow into the channel so that moisture does not occur. 
Pre slopes should be made as good as possible in order not to precipitates there. Critical parts such as waterproofing as on crossroads must be properly installed.

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